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Weiherer Keller 500ml Bottle

Weiherer Keller 500ml Bottle

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4.9% Abv Malt lovers will be just as happy here as hops fans. Earthy, grainy malt notes paired with fresh, slightly citrusy aromas, both of which increase towards the end. A beautiful body in an opalescent dress. Surprisingly refreshing for a cellar beer and has already been awarded four times by the European Beer Star.

Original wort: 11.30%

Special features: Solar beer, World Beer Award Silver 2022, International Craft Beer Award Gold 2022, World Beer Award Silver 2021, International Craft Beer Award Gold 2020, International Craft Beer Award Silver 2017, selection gold medal 2014, European Beer Star in Gold 2011, Consumers' Favorite in Bronze 2011, European Beer Star in Bronze 2009 and 2010. 

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