Silent Pool Gin and 2 Copa Gift Set

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43% ABV 

Silent Pool Gin comes to us from the self-ascribed ‘Willy Wonka of distilleries,’ so you know right off the bat you’re getting something out of the ordinary from master distiller Cory Mason. As a 2016 World Spirits Award winner, Silent Pool Gin is classic at heart, but with a contemporary spin that will satisfy even today’s most discerning gin-sipper. It’s made with a blend of 24 botanicals that complement its juniper core with floral notes of lavender, chamomile, honey, and citrus, so it’s great livened up with tonic for a new take on a classic gin & tonic. But make no mistake about it—Silent Pool is still a hearty gin, perfect for any variety of gin-based cocktails. Good stuff, Silent Pool Gin, with just the right amount of exotic.

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