Central Galactic Spiced Rum 70cl


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What if we told you that you could taste the centre of the galaxy? Don't believe us? Well, around a decade ago scientists (yes, actual scientists) peeked through a massive telescope at a vast dust cloud in the middle of the Milky Way, and came across a particular ester which happens to be responsible for the taste of raspberries, as well as smelling of rum! It wasn't what they were looking for, but we're sure glad that they found it, otherwise we wouldn't have Central Galactic Spiced Rum.

The creative folks behind this expression took note of the findings and decided to recreate those flavours in a bottle. To a base of aromatic Caribbean spiced rum, they added pot-distilled fresh raspberry distillate, as well as star anise (Geddit? Star anise?) and cold-distilled lime peel (OK, that one has nothing to do with space, but it does add an extra zing of citrus). An absolutely stellar bottling.

We promise to stop making space puns now.


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