Schlappeseppel Helles 5L Mini Keg


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Schlappeseppel "Helles - Bayrisch Mild" demanded the greatest creativity from our brewers when it came to finding a recipe, as this type of beer tastes unusually mild and tasty, not because of the malt and hops composition, but only because of the yeast. Brewed under fermentation, fermented and stored at a particularly low, constant temperature and then filtered clear.

Helles was and is traditionally the epitome of Bavarian beer and has developed into a very important type of beer in Bavaria in the post-war years. This original thirst quencher is the main variety in Bavarian breweries. In contrast to the tangy, tangy Pils, Helles is particularly popular because of its low bitter note and its full-bodied taste. It is considered a quaffable drinking beer.

The small, harmoniously integrated carbon dioxide bubbles, the creamy and particularly fine-pored foam and the delicate scent of Schlappeseppel Helles come into their own particularly well in a rustic, simple earthenware mug or in the classic Willy mug.

4.8% ABV 

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